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Welcome to my site. It’s my first attempt to write publicly and reach out to audiences other than close friends and colleagues. As a social scientist I’ve always wanted to present my work to others and hear criticism, thoughts and comments. I’ve been able to gather all the courage required to write about myself and my project(s) and that’s what I’m going to do through this new platform. The main goal of this site is to help me practice skills like public communication, which I believe is a very important task for scholars and scientists, and also keeping up discussions with broader (digital) audiences. I’ll try not only to select different topics for my contributions, but I’ll also try to write regularly. My interest are quite diverse, but I believe I’ll focus on discussions and contributions regarding my doctoral project (more to come) as well as politics and society in the Americas (especially Latin American and Ecuadorian politics), political and sociological theory, among others. I’ll be writing in English, German and Spanish.

My name is Fausto Ignatov and I was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1993. My father emigrated from the People’s Republic of Bulgaria in 1989 and established in Quito after meeting my mother shortly after his arrival. I was raised (multiculturally, humanistically, catholicly, socialistically, among others) in Ecuador’s capital city and went to the German School, where I obtained the German Abitur (2011). Right after finishing school I came all the way to Munich and started studying Political Science and Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and I finished with a thesis about the perks of the Ecuadorian presidential system. After my BAs (2011-2014) I double-majored in the same disciplines and combined them with a minor in Gender Studies (2014-2017) finishing with works about the sociological reception of Ulrich Beck’s work in Latin America and the relation between statehood and the democratic quality of Latin American countries.

Currently I’m a doctoral candidate at the Rachel-Carson-Center for Environment and Society at the LMU Munich since October 2017 and I’m also an assistant at the Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine at the University Hospital (LMU). In my doctoral project, I’m analyzing the leading development discourses in the Ecuadorian politics and society after the rise and fall of the Yasuní-ITT Initative from a sociological perspective. I’m being supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Gill (Institut für Soziologie, LMU) and Prof. Dr. Henrike Rau (Department für Geographie, LMU) within the Doctoral Program Environment and Society at the Rachel-Carson-Center for Environment and Society. I’ll elaborate on my project in another contribution today.

I hope you enjoy reading my contributions. I’ll certainly enjoy reading your observation and thoughts, so please feel free to comment directly on this site or send me an email (me@fausto-ignatov.de). I believe it’s going to be a very productive experience for both sides.



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